Agrivoltaics: The Benefits of Combining Solar Panels and Farming


The quest for sustainable solutions to our energy and agricultural needs leads to the constant search for innovative ways of producing food while keeping the environmental disruption minimal. One of these innovations is Agrivoltaics, the practice of co-locating agricultural activities and solar systems on the same land area.  Although Agrivoltaics is a concept that has […]

Is Solar Energy Unreliable In the Winter?

solar energy

Even though it has been demonstrated and documented that solar panels can produce energy to fulfill people’s daily activities during the winter months, the frequent grid alerts Albertans receive when they’re facing below-freezing temperatures make the public wonder if they can rely on solar panels and other forms of renewable energy to relieve the pressure […]

The Industries That Will Benefit the Most From Solar Panels

solar panels

In our last blog of 2023, we outlined the main benefits businesses can have from getting solar panels to power their operations, and while we believe any business can gain significant advantages with solar energy, some industries can get the most return on their investment. We want to kick off 2024 by discussing the industries […]

Top 7 Benefits of Solar Panels for Businesses

solar panels for businesses

We’ve talked about the many benefits homeowners can enjoy by getting solar panels, but the advantages of going solar don’t limit to your home. If you’re a business owner, going solar can also be a smart choice that can offer your business more benefits than saving costs in bills. Let’s look at some advantages of […]

Half-Cut vs. Full Solar Panel Cells: What’s The Difference?

Half-cut vs full solar panel cells

Photovoltaic (PV) cells are a fundamental piece of how solar panels produce energy as they’re in charge of absorbing the sunlight that will turn into electricity. And the constant technological advancements looking for ways to make PV cells more efficient while keeping the costs in check has led to the development of different types of […]

What’s a Solar Club? A Great Way to Save More With Solar

What's a solar club

Going solar is a versatile way to reduce your utility bills and earn extra income. We’ve covered what carbon offset credits are and how you can sell yours. Still, there are other ways to get extra cash for the excess energy your panels may produce: joining a solar club. We will cover what’s a solar […]

Carbon Offset Credits: How To Earn Extra Income With Your Solar Panels

Carbon Offset Credits

Our modern lifestyle has made our lives easier, but it also had a negative impact on Earth’s resources. While countries commit to contributing to preserve nature and reducing their carbon footprint, there’s still a long way to go to start seeing a positive change, and many industries have a hard time adjusting their operations to […]

Solar Energy and Electric Vehicles: The Perfect Combination

solar energy and electric vehicles

As more people become environmentally conscious, going solar and switching to a hybrid or electric car is one of the first steps to reduce their carbon footprint, and that’s not a coincidence. Solar energy and electric vehicles (EVs) are often considered a perfect combination to allow individuals and businesses to contribute to a more sustainable […]

Top 5 Solar Energy Trends for 2024 And Beyond

solar energy trends

The demand for clean energy sources is gaining more traction as we keep looking for new options to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Solar power is at the forefront as a reliable and scalable alternative, which is leading to some interesting solar energy trends. The potential of solar energy has encouraged research, innovation and […]

How the Weather Impacts Your Solar Panel Performance

solar panels performance

The weather conditions directly influence solar panel performance. Solar panels produce electricity by converting sunlight into usable energy through the photovoltaic cells the panels are made of. Therefore, any changes in sunlight intensity or exposure can affect their efficiency and output. Here are some key weather factors that impact solar panel performance you need to […]