The Industries That Will Benefit the Most From Solar Panels

solar panels

In our last blog of 2023, we outlined the main benefits businesses can have from getting solar panels to power their operations, and while we believe any business can gain significant advantages with solar energy, some industries can get the most return on their investment. We want to kick off 2024 by discussing the industries we see benefitting the most from going solar and why.

The Industries That Get More Bank From Switching to Solar

Manufacturing and Heavy Industries

Manufacturing and industrial operations often have high energy demands, with many operating 24/7. Solar panels can help offset electricity costs, providing long-term savings and improving the sustainability profile of these businesses, typically known for being among Canada’s most polluting business activities.

Solar also provides stability in energy costs, mitigating the impact of fluctuating electricity prices. This predictability can be especially advantageous for budgeting and financial planning.

Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Large warehouses and distribution centres are another industry sector with a 24/7 schedule that can benefit from solar power to offset the energy required for lighting, heating, and powering machinery. 

Warehouses and distribution centres that supply goods to retailers may find that adopting solar energy aligns with the sustainability requirements of their retail partners, which can give them a competitive advantage in the supply chain.

Farms and Agriculture

Farms, especially those with large expanses of land, can benefit from solar to meet their energy needs beyond the cost savings. Solar panels can be installed on open fields or integrated into agricultural structures, providing a scenario that optimizes land utilization, potentially reduces electricity costs for running equipment and irrigation systems, and preserves the water in the soil due to the panels’ shading, leading to potentially growing better crops.

Solar power also allows farms in remote or off-grid locations to operate independently of traditional power infrastructure. This can be crucial for agricultural operations in rural areas, which can find a reliable and sustainable energy source in solar energy. 

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities have continuous energy needs for lighting, medical equipment and procedures, and climate control. Solar panels can help these facilities become more resilient and efficient by providing a backup energy source and reducing reliance on the grid, giving an extra layer of protection against prolonged power shortages, which can be death-threatening for patients and cause psychological stress and physical exhaustion to healthcare staff. 

Hotels, Resorts and Hospitality

The hospitality business is another with high-energy demand for lighting, heating, cooling, and other operational needs that is already switching to solar. Big names like Marriott already have some of their hotels 100% powered by solar energy.

solar panels Marriott

The Courtyard by Marriott in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is the brand’s first 100% solar-powered hotel and has an array of 2,700 panels that produce enough energy to power 138 homes for a year. (Marriott)

Adopting solar energy can allow hotels and resorts to not only reduce costs and be more efficient overall; it can also provide them with an enhanced corporate image and appeal to environmentally conscious travelers, potentially attracting a broader customer base by using their solar energy adoption as a selling point that can set them apart from the competition.

Data Centers

Tech industry titans like Apple and Facebook use solar energy to power their data centres for a good reason: these are energy-intensive facilities that require a reliable electrical supply for all their daily operations. Solar panels can be part of a comprehensive energy strategy to offset some of the power needed to operate servers and cooling systems, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

A Win Scenario

With proven benefits and efficiency, going solar is a wise business decision whether you’re a small business owner or run a large corporation. For industries with high energy demands like the ones we discussed, solar energy is rapidly becoming a necessity rather than a choice. If you want to reap the financial and corporate benefits of adopting solar energy for your business and you operate in Alberta, contact us for a free consultation.