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Meet our Alberta solar power specialists.
Providing quality solar power solutions to western Canada!


Alex Tyndale


Alex Tyndale brings a wide breadth of business and construction experience.

Passionate about changing our world for the better, Alex believes that solar energy is the future and wants to help those who share the same vision.


Brett Bauman


Brett Bauman is a committed sales professional with over 7 years of experience in the solar industry and the non profit sector.

Brett thrives on making connections with people and bringing his passionate spirit to his clients to provide them with the best experience possible.

His personal philosophy is that sales are less about selling a product then it is the act of helping clients remove barriers that are keeping them from achieving what they want. 

With his friendly manner and joy for making connections, Brett will strive to ensure your transition to solar is a smooth and enjoyable journey!


Margo Klimowicz


Full of energy, creative, and dedicated to excellent work, Margo has spent the past 10+ years delivering exceptional customer care in a variety of industries. She loves to collaborate with team members to arrive at solutions. 

Her interest in the environment and sustainability have enabled her to align her career goals within the solar
industry at Solar YYC.

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