Top 7 Benefits of Solar Panels for Businesses

solar panels for businesses

We’ve talked about the many benefits homeowners can enjoy by getting solar panels, but the advantages of going solar don’t limit to your home. If you’re a business owner, going solar can also be a smart choice that can offer your business more benefits than saving costs in bills. Let’s look at some advantages of getting solar panels for your business.

Top 7 Benefits of Solar Panels for Businesses

Access to Financial Incentives

Like residential solar adopters, businesses have access to financial incentives, rebates, and tax credits that can significantly offset the initial costs and accelerate the payback period.

Among these programs are the Canadian Government’s Accelerated Investment Incentive and the tax credits for renewable energy, Alberta’s Clean Energy Improvement Financing Program, and the Emissions Reduction Alberta Program (this option was closed by the time of writing this article, but you can join the waitlist!)

Reduced Operating Expenses

As mentioned above, the main attraction of solar energy for commercial purposes is paying less in bills over time, contributing to reduced operating expenses. That extra cash can be invested in other critical areas such as product development, employee benefits, marketing and customer retention strategies or business expansion.

Energy Independence and Stability

Businesses that produce their energy become less reliant on the electrical grid and are less susceptible to the frequent fluctuations in energy prices. This enhances energy price stability and provides a degree of energy independence.

Mitigating Risks Associated with Fossil Fuel Price Volatility

From transportation logistics and supply chain issues to uncertainty in budgeting and planning, price volatility can severely disrupt your operations if you depend on fossil fuels for your main business activities. By making solar your main energy source, you can mitigate the risks related to fossil fuel price fluctuations and ensure your business’s operational efficiency, stability and competitiveness.

Positive Brand Image and Marketing Opportunities

Going solar can enhance a business’s brand image, especially among environmentally conscious customers. It provides marketing opportunities to showcase the company’s commitment to sustainability, potentially attracting new clients and investors.

Increased Property and Business Value

If you own your business facilities, solar installations are seen as valuable assets that can increase the property’s market value. In addition to that, going solar can position your business as forward-thinking and technologically advanced. This positive perception can attract new customers, skilled talent, and collaboration opportunities with like-minded organizations.

It’s a Low Maintenance, Long-Term Business Asset

Once installed, your solar system will power your business activities for at least 20 years or more, with little to no maintenance to keep its performance. Adopting solar provides businesses with stability and predictability in energy costs over an extended period, which can support the growth of your business as a whole.

Solar Panels for Businesses In Action

There’s no better way to showcase how solar panels benefit a business than with a real-life example. Gasonic is an Albertan indoor air-quality small business that wanted to go solar in 2021 and chose Solar YYC to install a solar system that would produce enough energy for their offices and charge their fleet of electric vehicles.

Gasonic’s CEO, Kae Shummoogum, monitored the system’s energy production and only five months after the installation, it had produced enough energy to drive around the world. 

You can see more details regarding the installation and Kae’s testimonial here:

Solar Accompanies Your Business Growth 

Going solar is an investment that can become a valuable asset for your business that will pay itself in a few years. Businesses of all sizes can enjoy the independence, resilience and positive image that being a solar-powered business can provide. If you own a Calgary-based business and want to know what a system tailored to your energy needs would look like or have more questions regarding solar energy, contact us.