Going Solar? These are the Available Solar Incentives in Alberta in 2024

solar incentives in Alberta

Updated in March 2024

Interest from Canadian homeowners in using solar energy to power their homes has increased exponentially in the last few years. This surge of interest has led to the creation of more companies developing solar technology for residential purposes, which means that solar energy is more accessible than ever.

Luckily, the federal Government and many provinces and cities want people to go solar. With the financial incentives available, adoption is increasing even more. Here’s an overview of the solar incentives in Alberta and Canada for residential use so you know which options you are eligible for.

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Federal Incentives

Canada Greener Homes Interest-Free Loan

This financial incentive also offered up to $5,000 grants, but the Government closed applications for this option starting in 2024 and will only be offering loans as financial aid to homeowners wanting to install solar panels.

Eligible homeowners can access interest-free loans payable over a 10-year period ranging from $5,000 to $40,000. To qualify for this loan, the property must be your primary residence, and you must prove ownership. It’s important to highlight that projects that have already started or are completed are not eligible.

Alberta Incentives

Calgary’s Clean Energy Improvement Program

The city of Calgary offers the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) to give all homeowners access to energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades by offering flexible and affordable financing options to pay for the eligible upgrades, with repayment collected through regular property taxes. 

These are the CEIP’s details:

  • Financing for up to 100% of project costs.
  • Competitive interest rates (rate as of 2023 was 2.95%);
  • repayment up to 20 years;
  • the option to repay in full at any time without penalty;
  • an incentive of up to 10% of total project costs, and
  • repayment will be collected through your property tax bill.

Your home is eligible if it is:

  • Single or semi-detached house;
  • row house;
  • townhome; or
  • The residential portion of a mixed-use or multi-unit residential building provided that such buildings are both under three storeys and have a footprint of 600 meters squared (6,458 feet squared) or less.

It is important to note that newly built homes are not eligible for this incentive.

The program will reopen for applications starting April 9, 2024 and will include solar thermal water heating, and solar PV systems among the energy efficiency options.

Medicine Hat’s Existing Homes Incentive Program

Medicine Hat offers up to a $5,000 rebate to buy and install residential solar PV systems. The amount is based on the size of the system installed, and the applicants must fulfill some requirements, which include:

  • The solar system has to be installed by a qualified installer, using components bought and approved for use in Canada.
  • Fill out the system size review form to determine the rebate amount that the applicant can receive.

Lethbridge’s Sunridge Builtgreen Homeowner Rebate

This incentive, oriented to homebuyers in the Sunridge residential area, grants up to $3.500 in rebates for homes that meet specific environmental efficiency standards based on a previous EnerGuide assessment.

Going Solar in Alberta: It’s Worth It

Alberta is blessed with 312 sunny days a year. It shines bright even during the cold winter months. Installing solar panels in your home is a great way to protect yourself from the ever-rising electricity bills, save money, increase your property value, and help the environment.

Solar incentives currently available on provincial and federal levels make the decision to go solar easier, as it becomes an upgrade that will pay for itself quickly and power your home for decades to come. If you’re ready to go solar or have more questions about solar incentives in Alberta, contact us.