Solar Financial Incentives for Businesses In 2024

Solar Financial Incentives for Businesses

For Canadian businesses, solar adoption isn’t just a step towards sustainability; it’s a savvy business decision that will make them save money over the long term. However, the upfront costs are still a barrier for many owners. Fortunately, the Government is supporting the adoption of solar and other forms of clean energy as part of […]

Solar Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Win-Win for Businesses

Solar Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility

Business activities in the modern world go beyond profit generation, and the general public expects businesses to engage in socially responsible practices that demonstrate a sense of responsibility, ethical behaviour and care for the community in which they do business.  A business can give back to its community in many ways, but incorporating solar energy […]

Going Solar? These are the Available Solar Incentives in Alberta in 2024

solar incentives in Alberta

Updated in March 2024 Interest from Canadian homeowners in using solar energy to power their homes has increased exponentially in the last few years. This surge of interest has led to the creation of more companies developing solar technology for residential purposes, which means that solar energy is more accessible than ever. Luckily, the federal […]