How to Use Your Solar Panels to Charge an Electric Car

how to use your solar panels to charge an electric car

For eco-conscious people, going solar and driving an electric car are natural choices to align their lifestyle with their goals of contributing to a greener future. If this sounds like you and you already have solar panels powering your home but you charge your car at a station, in this blog, we’ll discuss the advantages […]

Are Critter Guards Necessary for Solar Panels?

Getting solar panels can be a hefty investment, so trying to protect them from damage to guarantee they perform at peak capacity for their lifetime is a natural concern for homeowners and businesses alike. One of the most common protection items for solar panels is critter guards, and in this blog we’ll discuss how they […]

What Is a Solar Inverter? 

What Is a Solar Inverter

A solar system goes beyond the panels. Solar inverters play a crucial role in turning the energy the panels get from sunlight into usable electricity for your appliances. We’ll give you a full scope of how solar inverters work, which types are available in the market, and our recommended inverter that we use for our […]

Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline Solar Panels Comparison: Which One Is Best?

monocrystalline vs polycrystalline solar panels

The solar industry is dynamic and diverse, with new technology developments emerging since the establishment of companies specializing in solar energy in the 1980s, thus resulting in a vast number of components and devices to help businesses and households power their daily activities more efficiently. This is especially true regarding solar panels, as several types […]

The Ultimate Home Solar System Maintenance Guide

home solar system maintenance

Many people ask us about home solar system maintenance, and we’re always pleased to tell our clients that we look after that for them. However, if you have solar panels from another installer and they do not offer care and maintenance, or you did the installation on your own, here is what you need to […]

Solar Panel Tiers: What Homeowners Need to Know

solar panel tiers

In your research before getting solar panels, you’ll find out that not all solar panels are the same and that a tier system created by BloombergNEF classifies panels based on their quality, efficiency, and manufacturer reputation. This article will explore the solar panel tiers to help you identify and choose the best solar panels for […]

10 Red Flags To Watch Out Before Hiring a Solar Installer

solar installer

The solar energy market is booming, and there are far more solar installer companies to choose from than ever, which can overwhelm homeowners and lead them to do business with a company with questionable credentials. If you are researching to find a solar installer, read on and learn the main red flags you must be […]