10 Red Flags To Watch Out Before Hiring a Solar Installer

solar installer

The solar energy market is booming, and there are far more solar installer companies to choose from than ever, which can overwhelm homeowners and lead them to do business with a company with questionable credentials. If you are researching to find a solar installer, read on and learn the main red flags you must be aware of when talking with solar companies.

10 Solar Installer Red Flags To Watch Out 

1 – Insufficient Experience

While every company starts from zero and newer solar installers can still provide quality service, choosing a company with a proven track record and experience is generally safer. Lack of experience may translate into a higher risk of errors or damage during installation. A good rule of thumb is to look for companies with 100 successful installs and above.

2 – Poor Customer Reviews

Multiple negative reviews or low ratings in popular review platforms like Google Business Profile or Yelp can indicate a pattern of poor service, installation problems, or customer dissatisfaction. We recommend looking for companies with 4.5 and above online ratings and requesting previous clients’ references to the company directly.

3 – Absence of Portfolio

Alongside good reviews, solar companies should be able to showcase their work. Good companies document their installations with photos and videos of the finished projects to prove their skill to future customers, and they’ll happily provide them to you.

4 – Pushy Sale Tactics

Getting solar panels is a major investment; you deserve the time to decide, and trustworthy companies respect that. Be wary of installers who employ high-pressure sales tactics, such as offering limited-time deals or insisting on immediate commitments.

5 – Lack of Site Assessment

A proper site assessment is essential to determine the feasibility and optimal design of a solar system for your property. If an installer skips or overlooks this step, it may indicate a lack of professionalism and attention to detail.

6 – Lack of Transparency in Pricing and Contracts

A reliable solar installer should provide detailed information about the system’s total cost, including equipment, installation, and any additional fees. If the pricing or contract terms are unclear or ambiguous, it’s a potential red flag.

7 – Inadequate (Or Lack Of) Insurance Coverage

Good solar companies count on appropriate insurance coverage, including general liability insurance and worker’s insurance. Request proof of insurance before signing any agreement. 

8 – Limited or No Warranty

A good solar installer should offer warranties for the solar system materials and the installation workmanship. Be cautious if the installer doesn’t provide any warranty or offers an unusually short period. 

9 – Unusual Payments

Be wary if a company insists on a significant upfront payment. Reputable installers typically offer a reasonable payment schedule.

10 – Extremely Low Prices

Be skeptical if a company offers you unusually lower prices than average or tries to lure you with a “price-beat” policy. Companies may be able to offer such bargain prices by cutting down costs on materials or unqualified personnel.

Choose Your Solar Installer With Confidence

Evaluating multiple solar installers is not easy, but having these red flags in mind will help you avoid falling for a shady company. We’ve also made a questionnaire for pre-screening solar companies that includes the essential questions you have to ask and extra pro tips that will guide you to find the best company to go solar on the right foot.