What’s a Solar Club? A Great Way to Save More With Solar

What's a solar club

Going solar is a versatile way to reduce your utility bills and earn extra income. We’ve covered what carbon offset credits are and how you can sell yours. Still, there are other ways to get extra cash for the excess energy your panels may produce: joining a solar club. We will cover what’s a solar club, how they work and why you should join one.

What’s a Solar Club?

In short, solar clubs are programs designed to help micro-generators (residential, commercial or farms) earn money for the excess energy they produce by selling it back to the grid. Most solar club programs offer flexible rate plans that will pay micro-generators depending on how much power they export and adapt to the seasonal energy production fluctuations.

How to Join a Solar Club

The process to sign up for a solar club is pretty simple and standard:

  • You must be a micro-generator: if you installed your solar system on your own, you must apply for your utility company’s micro-generation program. The Alberta Government has step-by-step instructions you can follow to do so. We at Solar YYC take care of using the micro-generation program on our clients’ behalf.
  • Make a donation to a charity of your choice or a local food bank.
  • Sign up for the solar club you like the most.

How You Make Money With Solar Clubs

Most solar clubs offer two rates to compensate their members for the excess energy their panels produce: High Export Rate and Low Export Rate. The rate you choose will depend on how much energy your system is sending back to the grid. 

Since the amount of energy solar panels produce tends to fluctuate throughout the year, solar clubs offer their members the flexibility to switch between rates to adjust to seasonal fluctuations. In practice, you may sign up for the High Export rate during the summer months and change to the Low Export rate in the winter.

Solar clubs pay in cents per every kWh put back into the grid, and you’ll see how much you get paid back in your utility bill.

Start Improving Your Solar Savings Today

Solar clubs are a practical way to take advantage of your solar panels. The signup process is quick, and long-term benefits are worth it. If you don’t have a solar system yet, start the process today and book a free consultation to get an estimate of how much you can save in bills.