The Top 7 Most Common Solar Energy Myths, Debunked

solar energy myths

Solar energy has gained popularity recently due to its position as a greener and cheaper long-term alternative to power homes and businesses. This growing interest has led to a surge of online and offline misinformation, making many interested in installing solar panels stay on the fence. To fight the misconceptions about solar power, we want […]

Is Solar Energy the Solution to Alberta’s Ever-Rising Electricity Bills?

alberta electricity bills

“Why are my electric bills so high?” is a question that more and more Albertans are asking when they receive their monthly bills, and it’s for good reason. Alberta’s electricity rates have been rising consistently for the past two years.  Since the provincial government removed the price cap for Albertans with access to electricity plans […]

Going Solar? These are the Available Solar Incentives in Alberta

solar incentives in Alberta

Interest from Canadian homeowners in using solar energy to power their homes has increased exponentially in the last few years. The surge of interest has led to the creation of more companies developing solar technology for residential purposes. This means that solar energy is more accessible than ever. Solar systems are more affordable than ever, […]