Calgary Solar Power

Did you know Calgary gets a whopping 300+ days of sun a year? Perfect for year-round solar power microgeneration.

Take advantage of the many benefits of installing a solar panel system on your property in Alberta.

Solar is Now Incredibly Affordable

Alberta's solar industry is rapidly growing as everyone
from homeowners to businesses to farmers
see the massive upside of switching to solar.



Maximize Your Financial
Return by Joining a Solar Club

We partner with several Alberta solar clubs, including Foothills Energy Co-op and Shared Energy to help our clients get the best deal when buying and selling power.

Solar clubs help micro-generators, including residential, commercial, and agricultural users, by providing flexible rate plans and facilitating the sale of excess energy back to the grid.

Members can switch between high and low export rates to adapt to seasonal changes in energy production​.

In other words, you can switch between a cheaper rate in the winter when you produce less energy and a higher rate in the summer when you produce more energy.


We have installed solar in the following areas of Alberta

• Calgary • Edmonton • Lethbridge • Medicine Hat • Fort Mac • Red Deer
• Airdrie • Cochrane • Fort Saskatchewan • St. Albert • Lloydminster
• And of course with our farmers in rural Alberta