Clean Energy

Avoid using coal or other polluting sources of energy to power your home

Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan have the best solar potential in Canada, tap into it

Produce on-site electricity, transmitting energy across a large distance is wasteful

Installed solar panels only take around 6 years to outweigh the emissions produced from their manufacture


Eliminate paying some or all of your electricity bill

Take back control from the energy company

Extended warranties on all facets of the system mean a very low-risk investment

As coal power is phased out, Alberta's energy prices are set to skyrocket. Hedge against the inevitable rise

Saskatchewan has incredibly solar-positive solar rebates and net metering

The cost of solar panels has plummeted in the last few decades

An average break-even point of 10-15 years for a residential installation, much less for a commercial installation

After the break-even point, the installation provides passive income

Home or commercial solar panel installations will only increase the property value


Positive Leadership

Being a forward thinking leader on climate is crucial for your company, church or other non-profit

Set a positive example for your customers, neighbors, friends and children

Be the first group to realize that solar power isn't just about reducing climate change but that it's a solid investment

Let's do this together

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