November 22, 2018

SaskPower Solar Rebates


Here is the latest update from SaskPower regarding the Saskatchewan solar rebates:


SaskPower will continue to offer a one-time rebate equivalent to 20 per cent of equipment and installation costs to a maximum payment of $20,000. There are currently about 1400 Net Metering customers with a total capacity of just under 14 megawatts (MW). The program has been approved to Nov. 30, 2021, or until it reaches the 16 MW cap, whichever comes first. SaskPower will monitor progress and re-evaluate as needed to ensure that the program continues to meet the needs of our company and our customers. 


Unlike many other provinces in Canada, Saskatchewan currently has rebates specifically for solar. We take care of the application for you, no need to wade through the paperwork, that's our job!


  • $0.61/watt or around 20% off total system costs
  • Maximum rebate: $20,000
  • Valid on projects under 100 kW


For example: If you install a 8.5 kW system, your rebate would be $5,185. That would bring an average install cost of an 8.5 kW solar array in Saskatchewan from $25,000 down to $20,000.


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SaskPower Net-Metering


Net-metering means that the buy and sell price of energy are equal. That means that when you produce more than your property uses, you will export energy. Exported energy is instantly, and automatically, credited to your account at the same price that you buy! 


Most provinces in Canada do not have net-metering. We're luck here in Saskatchewan!


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