Solar for Saskatchewan Farms

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Solar for Farms/Rural

Rural properties and Farms are perfect for solar. Whether you live on an acreage or a working farm solar will help you stay independent from the energy companies. Our specialists can install your ground mount solar, on your residence or on an out-building.

Solar is fully deductible

If you have a working farm in Saskatchewan, solar is a business expense. Solar is fully deductible from your year end taxes. This usually equates to 25-30% cost savings!

Saskatchewan is very lucky to have an active rebate program and this program can save farmers thousands!

What can do a solar panel installation for you?

Solar can help you
Realize your Dream!

• Energy independence
• Running a carbon net-zero property
• Investing is cutting edge technology
• Generating low-risk, passive income

Below is a real life example of how solar can help Saskatchewan farmers:

Graphic of solar array payback time on farms in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Solar YYC


Farm Solar Array Payback time 

10.3 kW solar array

Based on a 2% increase in electrical prices

Pay much less on your taxes WHILE increasing your passive income AND producing green energy!