Solar for Businesses


Have you totaled what you can expect to pay SaskPower over the next 25 years?

Businesses we've worked with have had future expected bills of over $250,000! Paying utility cost is usually thought of as a foregone conclusion. It is not. Solar for your Saskatchewan business can drastically reduce your energy bills.


Commerical Rooftop Solar - Solar YYC, Commercial solar energy Saskatchewan
Commerical Rooftop Solar - Solar YYC


Below is an project with an expected completion of Q4, 2019 in Calgary. Take a look at the savings our clients will get by switching to solar. Lifetime OEM costs are below 3% of project cost - solar is a hands-off investment.


Example of solar Savings for one of our business customers
Solar savings for one of our business customers


SaskPower offers net-metering and solar rebates. And with solar being a 100% deductible business expense, solar can drastically reduce your future bills.



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